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Leopard fleece trousers made in 100% recycled polyester. The trousers have two side pockets, a fake pocket in the back with a panther label sewn on, as well as soft cuffs by the ankles and an elasticated drawstring waist.

100 % recycled polyester, made in China

By using 100% recycled polyester, there is no need to create any new materials from scratch. However, when you wash synthetic fleece, made from recycled materials or not, tiny microplastics are released that might be transferred into nature. Their advice is to wash fleece sparingly, or not at all. Air dry your garment and remove smaller stains with a moist cloth. If the whole garment needs to be washed, follow the care label instructions and remember to:

• Ironing the garment lessens the release of micro plastics
• Clean the washing machine filter regularly
• Hang dry instead of tumble dry

Product Price: €60.00