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An intricately beaded leather cuff from Sidai Design, the collection pays tribute to the rite of passage from boyhood to warrior hood of a young Maasai male. Wearing only black fabric, he adorns his body with white beaded jewellery and face markings.

2.25" wide, glass beads, soft suede, soft faux leather closure, sterling silver fastenings, one size fits all.

Handmade in Tanzania by Sidai Design who collaborate with Maasai women to produce unique, handmade beaded jewellery using traditional techniques. From conception to finished product they instil the highest level of attention to detail and quality control. They use recycled materials as the backbone for many of thier products and incorporate high quality components to create exclusive, beautiful pieces that will be treasured forever.

By bringing these products to international markets Sidai Design hope to create a demand that preserves the beading traditions and economically sustains the women and their families.

Product Price: €100.00