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Clear the way at the building site! This Bulldozer has a special handle so that children can direct it left or right. They can move, haul, lift, and pull, it's every little builders dream vehicle and it is so good looking you will want to give it pride of place in your living room.

Size: 12.5 x 37.5 x 20cm, recommended for 3+ years.

Plan Toys are based in Thailand and they produce functionally designed toys that will warm up your home and bring kids closer to nature. All their products are made from rubberwood trees that no longer produce latex or from PlanWood™, a wood made from by-products of their production process. Plan Toys are actively invested in reforestation programmes and use all non toxic, sustainable materials in their production process. The company invests heavily in education and welfare of local communities with a view to towards building a better world.

Product Price: €120.00 €84.00