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Designed by Berlin based designer Axel Pfaender and brought to life through a highly successful crowd funding campaign, the Berlin Boombox is the new old school.By bringing together the classic 80's boombox style with today’s audio technology to create a powerful sound system that is compatible with every smartphone, mp3 player, laptop, tablet, gaming console, computer and turn table - it will even connect with a vintage Gameboy as is connects through the devices headphone jack.The highly efficient digital amplifier and full range speakers provides 2x5 watts of stereo sound.

All parts are designed with a dedication to detail and manufactured with the greatest possible level of precision. The speakers and amplifier are German engineered by MIVOC Pro, designers put a lot of effort into the cardboard construction to achieve the best possible sound experience.

The Berlin Boombox comes as a kit consisting of a die cut cardboard structure and all electronic parts. Assembly is easy, it requires no glue or tools and it only takes a couple of minutes to complete.

Product Price: €79.00 €39.50