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Kitpas Bath Crayons/Fish


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The innovative Rice Wax Bath Crayons by Kitpas make bath times creative and fun. Hexagonal in shape, so they’re easier to grip with wet hands, they write smoothly even on the side of the tub and can be wiped off simply with a sponge. Designed to float, so they’re always nearby if your splash monkey fancies a scribble, they also have a waterproof paper wrapping, so they don’t go mushy if they’re left in the water for a while. When it’s time to say bye to the bubbles, there’s a handy case with a suction pad, so you can store them out of the way, ready for the next in-bath creative session. And they’re made from rice bran – a typically discarded by-product of the rice growing process – so they’re vegan too.

Pack contains three crayons in colours purple, blue and green.

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